Light as a Feather


This episode features an interview with a woman suffering from anorexia nervosa. Her honesty about her experience gives the listener insight into a disease that affects a large number of young women. The piece also includes some startlingly facts about this illness and reflections from the interviewer and creator, Katharina Thomazic.



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A Day in Klagenfurt

Hey there! In this podcast episode of The Sound of Students, you will learn about how to spend a fun day in the green Carinthian capital, Klagenfurt, in Austria. Please remember to download the map below before leaving home. We hope you enjoy your stay in the city and do not hesitate to wander and explore on your own! – Verena Sucher & Frédérick Dionne

Map of Klagenfurt

Additional sights if you have an extra day or two:

  • Museums – Stadtgalerie, Landesmuseum, Museum Moderner Kunst Kärnten
  • Reptilienzoo Happ – A zoo specialized with many types of reptiles and insects
  • Minimundus – travelling around the world!
  • Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt – the city’s university.
  • CineCity
    • Movie Theater (screenings in German, but also in English one day per week!)
    • Bowling lanes as well
  • Kreuzbergl: Beautiful view of city and region, restaurant Schweizerhaus, botanic garden, and more

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Special thanks to Lisa Oberberger for the additional resources!

Campfire Tales

I created this podcast with the idea of it being an interesting and amusing way to spend several minutes. The main part of the podcast is theatrical and is presenting a group of friends gathered around a campfire, narrating urban legends to each other. I hope you enjoy listening to it as we enjoyed recording it!

I want to thank Ivelina Tsenova, Lais Lopes Dezen, Adela Mihaila and Isabella Katschnig for participating and helping me carry through this project.

Thank you for listening,

Paulina Angelova



Fandom Practices

This podcast is about the popular phenomenon of modern fan culture, also known as fandom. It provides insight into fan activities, their artistic and cultural value, and their social organisation.

Are you interested in learning more about fandom practices? Then check out our podcast and the following resources on fandom after the audio file!

May the force be with you!

– Lisa Oberberger, Vannessa Erat, and Daniel Egger

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Excuse Me?

Have you ever had this moment on a vacation in which people suddenly acted strange or offended after you did something that seems completely normal to you? Then you might have done something terribly wrong. Two students, Isabella Katschnig and Franziska Ranacher, invited Dr. Delanoy from the Department of English and American Studies to explore and explain the world of cultural miscommunication.




Werner Delanoy , Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Rivelino Siahaya (announcer)



This blog is dedicated to sharing audio creations of the English students at the University of Klagenfurt. The recordings will be made available here, along with interesting links and comments drafted by students.


This project is a result of a course entitled Integrated Language Skills, the final course in language development. The entire semester was given over to exploring various existing podcasts, developing and pitching a concept, and finally recording and editing audio material. This student-centered approach was designed to give students the ability to develop and display their excellent English language skills, learn about new media and technology, and collaborate creatively.


Although the class size was thankfully small, there is a great variety of episodes. They range from informative to touching to even a little spooky. So take a listen to the sound of students!