A Day in Klagenfurt

Hey there! In this podcast episode of The Sound of Students, you will learn about how to spend a fun day in the green Carinthian capital, Klagenfurt, in Austria. Please remember to download the map below before leaving home. We hope you enjoy your stay in the city and do not hesitate to wander and explore on your own! – Verena Sucher & Frédérick Dionne

Map of Klagenfurt

Additional sights if you have an extra day or two:

  • Museums – Stadtgalerie, Landesmuseum, Museum Moderner Kunst Kärnten
  • Reptilienzoo Happ – A zoo specialized with many types of reptiles and insects
  • Minimundus – travelling around the world!
  • Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt – the city’s university.
  • CineCity
    • Movie Theater (screenings in German, but also in English one day per week!)
    • Bowling lanes as well
  • Kreuzbergl: Beautiful view of city and region, restaurant Schweizerhaus, botanic garden, and more

Background music taken from:

Special thanks to Lisa Oberberger for the additional resources!


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