Studying Abroad

In this episode, two students share their experiences about fears and worries they faced right before the start of an adventurous semester abroad. You will hear about their concerns about the living situation as well as their financial issues and relationships and how they managed to deal with things like that. We hope you’ll enjoy listening to our podcast! 
– Johanna Pessentheiner, Carina Rasse, Johannes Stopper
Copyright 2015 Alex Kabasser All rights reserved.

How to Procrastinate

The daily life of students is full of homework, papers, or presentations that have to be finished and studied, and the way most students deal with it is through the practise of PROCRASTINATION. How this is actually done will be explored in this episode.
My podcast will provide you with the opportunity to learn new ways of procrastinating, to laugh at yourselves, as well as for self-reflection. Enjoy!
– Christina Obmann
Interesting links:
9gag – the number one source for procrastination (
(Honestly) helpful sites against procrastination:
Why Procrastinators Procrastinate (with a follow up on How to Beat Procrastination) (;
How to Overcome Procrastination (
The Science of Procrastination:
Special THANKS go to Sebastian Obmann, who lent me his voice (a little).

Take A Fresh Look at Water

Hey there! This podcast series is all about fresh perspectives. This week, we’re taking a fresh look at water. Here it is: everything you always knew about bottled water, but were afraid to hear.

Thank you for listening!

– Ingrid, Adlai & Ruby

Links for further information:

Home Guards: Water Bottle Pollution Facts

National Geographic: Why Tap Water is Better Than Bottled Water
“Life of Riley” Kevin MacLeod (

Women’s Health Podcast

Do you think heavy weights make you look bulky? Are you afraid that your muscles turn to fat? If you want to know the answers to these questions then listen to this podcast, because we will debunk some popular sports myths. Hopefully this motivates some of you to stay fit.

– Bettina Bock, Martina Jäger, and Romana Wirnsberger

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Little Idea – Composed and performed by Bensound
Going Higher – Composed and performed by Bensound

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“Flowers” by Salvatore Vuono at

Dating Apps

Ever heard of Dating Apps? No? Or even yes, but perhaps not enough? Check out our latest episode to receive valuable info & details about this interesting innovation in the field of technology! Don’t be shy, and take a closer “listen” to get multi-faceted input on this issue – directly into your ears!
We want to thank Pure Phonic for letting us use their song “A Minute” and Florian, our interviewee, for his time.
Karin, Marlene and Laura

Beech Grove Blues

Saint Bede Map

Saint Bede is a lovely little town with even lovelier inhabitants.
The newcomer Jonathan Craig feels right at home…but not for long. Join Susanna Weberitsch for the first episode of dark tale where nothing is as it seems.

J. Craig_Saint Bede


“Evil Around“

“Ghost Processional” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Sound effect “Dun Dun Dun 7“ by Alexander was provided by the site .

Pictures by Susanna Weberitsch

The Votes are In (Finally)

The judges have spoken! ‘Fandom Practices’ by Vanessa Erat, Lisa Oberberger, and Daniel Egger was voted the fan favorite. ‘A Day in Klagenfurt’ by Frederick Dionne and Verena Sucher came in a close second. Congratulations to you both!

Thanks to the judges (hi Ursula, Carmen, Gregor, Rene, and Steve:)) for their time.

And thanks to the students of Integrated Language Skills Summer Semester 2014 – I think you all produced really interesting podcasts!