How to Procrastinate

The daily life of students is full of homework, papers, or presentations that have to be finished and studied, and the way most students deal with it is through the practise of PROCRASTINATION. How this is actually done will be explored in this episode.
My podcast will provide you with the opportunity to learn new ways of procrastinating, to laugh at yourselves, as well as for self-reflection. Enjoy!
– Christina Obmann
Interesting links:
9gag – the number one source for procrastination (
(Honestly) helpful sites against procrastination:
Why Procrastinators Procrastinate (with a follow up on How to Beat Procrastination) (;
How to Overcome Procrastination (
The Science of Procrastination:
Special THANKS go to Sebastian Obmann, who lent me his voice (a little).

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